imer mortar mixer box dimensions

Vertical Shaft Mixers - IMER Group | USA

IMER built the first vertical shaft towable mixers 25 years ago using the principles of concrete batch plant design which allows for the paddles to rotate through the mix rather than lift and drop it as conventional mortar mixers do. The Mix 360 mixes very low slump materials like dry pack mortar and refractory cement with ease.

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Mixers - IMER Group | USA - IMER Group | USA

The IMER Spin series continuous mixers are the ideal portable mixer for efficiently and quickly mixing all types of pre blended materials from dry pack consistency to a fluid grout. Mortar one day, stucco the next and high strength grouts the day after or make them all in one day without any waste.

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answer. With its 110v motor gear box drivetrain it is powerful and quiet. For fast production, line up 2 or 3 and have one mixing at all times. The different paddles allow it to quickly and thoroughly mix mortar, stucco, thin set, dry pack mortar, epoxy, plaster and more. PORTABLE PADDLE MIXER MIX ALL 60 <79

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Imer Mortar Mixer Box Dimensions -

CONCRETE MIXERS - IMER. MIXERS page 8 HOISTS page 26 MORTAR MIXERS page 20 TILE, MASONRY SLAB SAWS page 38 FLOOR SAWS Wheel dimensions mm 200xxxxxx90 packed in a cardboard box. sph motor available syntesi 140 syntesi 250 syntesi 190 syntesi 350

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Multi-Mixers - IMER Group - IMER Group | USA - IMER Group

Multi-Mix 350 is IMER’s New Portable Mixer for Mortar, Stucco, Grout or Concrete - Big Brother to the Wheelman II and Minuteman II Mixers Designed and built to solve the typical problems of traditional concrete mixers.

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Imer's three piece paddles and unique false bottom drum design enable this multimixer to thoroughly mix 200-275 lbs of mortar, stucco, grout or concrete in less than 4 minutes. In just a minute the Minuteman II can be broken down into 3 easy to load components.

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MIX ALL 60 110v Portable Bucket Mixer - IMER USA Direct

The MIX ALL 60 is the new upgraded and improved version of IMER USA's popular Mini Mix 60 which it has replaced. Incredibly popular due to its elimination of the labor intensive practice of a worker standing over a 5 gallon bucket using a drill motor to mix materials, the MIX ALL dominates the market for small portable bucket mixers.

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IMER Minuteman, IMER Wheelman, or IMER Workman Barrel Multi Mixers. Vertical Shaft Mixers: Mortarman 120 or 120 Plus, Mortarman 360, Mortarman 750 in gas or electric, we can help you. OLDER UNITS. We may be able to get parts for older IMER mixer models but after over 25 years of mixer sales we cannot guarantee they are all still available.

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IMER Wheelman II 5 CF Portable Poly Drum Mixer. PLEASE NOTE ...

There are some different wheel barrow style mixers on the market today then there is the IMER 5 CF Wheelman II Poly Drum Wheelbarrow Style Mixer.Built to tackle all types of flat work concrete and curb work, the IMER Wheelman is the only mixer with a removable drum that can be loaded by one person in a small vehicle without breaking your back.

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IMER Group | USA - IMER Group | USA

Imer USA Equipment. Together We Build. We build machines and equipment that let construction site professionals work with less effort and greater performance. We build the future with an eye always on innovation and an ongoing focus on safety,

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IMER Mortarman 750 Series Mixer. Contractors Direct.

IMER Mortarman 750 Mortar Mixer Features. Free shipping from IMER factory warehouse; Mixes 1600 lbs of mortar, dry pack, stucco, or sand & cement; Mix concrete, max aggregate size is 3/8" 5 hp 220 V single phase or 7.5 hp 3 phase 220 V; One piece hinged grate with auto shutoff that stops paddles; Low & wide design for towing safety and speed

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High Quality IMER Mixers for Mortar, Concrete, Grouts, Stucco ...

For over 29 years IMER USA has offered state of the mixing technology and reliability with their gearbox driven array of Barrel and Vertical Shaft Mixers. IMER has a mixer for every type material that needs to be mixed and they are available in gas or electric power and come both portable and towable.

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Forced Action Mixer 120L | Resin & Mortar | IMER MIX 120 Plus ...

IMER Forced Action Mortar Mixers: We are the Official UK Distributor for IMER Forced Action Mixer. 60L Forced Action Mixers 120L Forced Action Mixers 360L Forced Action Mixers 720L Forced Action Mixers.

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Purchase The Imer Wheelman II Concrete Mixer. Contractors Direct

Imer Wheel-man II Electric Concrete Mixer. For the 2-3 person construction crew, there is no need to tow a mixer to the job site, not when the Wheelman II can make a wheelbarrow of concrete, mortar, stucco, grout, or dry pack mortar every 4 minutes! Easy to clean poly drum. Features

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IMER USA WORKMAN II 350 GAS Towable 12CF w/ 5.5HP Honda Gas motor 1105855 Multiquip MC94SH8 Honda GX-240 Engine Concrete Mixer, 9 cu. ft. Steel Drum Offex 5 Cubic Foot / 2.5 HP Gasoline Metal Cement Mixer - Yellow

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